• You can now create a mass that spans the distance between your controllers, by pulling both triggers simultaneously
  • When creating a mass, you can release one corner at a time for more accurate placement
  • Push and pull any face of a mass after it is created for precise sizing
  • Surfaces can now be visible from the front and back with our new support for double-sided materials.
  • Visual interface improvements across the platform
  • Added haptic feedback for mass creation
  • Added visual feedback when Massit tooltips touch
  • Separated scaling and rotating yourself in VR— you either do one or the other
  • Improved error reporting so that we can help you find resolutions faster
  • Added localization framework for upcoming multilingual support 
  • Sharing / Team Settings: Added email address to display of user name in user suggestion drop-down
  • Added support for handling non-uniform transforms to the importer


  • We are now automatically optimizing your SketchUp models so that you can bring in up to 2 times more geometry
  • Updated text rendering for better performance 


  • VR Library now automatically closes when panning with grip buttons
  • Updated highlight state for imperial/metric units switch 
  • Removed blue number indicator on Project tiles
  • VR Library now consistently sorts alphabetically
  • Disabled automatic space entering on startup
  • Adjusted presentation viewer fly speed to increase on long forward button press
  • Refined snackbar timing for improved visibility 
  • Fixed a bug that would result in a white screen when copying a Space
  • Refined drag and drop zones in 2D library app 
  • Profile Avatar will now update immediately after saving from My Profile
  • Changed “Launch” to “Enter” on Space tiles
  • When leaving a team, you now see the homepage of the first team in your team list
  • Sharing: Fixed an issue where removing a guest from a team would not update the view
  • Sharing: Unified visuals for permission drop-down
  • Sharing: User suggestion drop-down now filters out existing team members
  • Fixed a bug that would stall the app when opening the keyboard in VR
  • Fixed a bug where user name-tags were flipped in renders with global illumination enabled
  • Fixed a bug where the person mover would put the user outside the workshop
  • Fixed a bug where a user's teleporting ray would trigger collision editing
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent a copied space from being shared


XR 0.8.14

  • Tweaks to mutually exclusive rotation/scaling
  • XB360 controller input fix
  • Fixed bug that would cause missing components when importing SketchUp model without automatically creating Assets in Library

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